6. Conclusions & Contact


     Taking into consideration the above presentation, we believe that the Danube Delta and the area previously described offer a great potential for the simultaneous development of two large, very profitable activities: aquaculture and tourism, and the possibility of a very fast initial investment recovery.

The Danube Delta (the 3 rd delta in Europe) attracts only 70,000 tourist per year, 14 times less than other smaller deltas, like the French delta (Delta Camarague) or the Italian delta (Delta del Po), because:

– there are only 191 authorized accommodation units
– the Danube Delta is poorly promoted outside Romania
– lack of infrastructure and water supply

In C.A. Rosetti–Letea–Periprava area, just near our property, recent investments were made and a small modern town was built in this paradise for those who want to discover the wild nature. The accommodation cost in this resort is 100 euro/day.

Finally, we mention the fact that all the investments and contracts belong to a single company that does not have any other unrelated activities. Thus the shares transfer can be easily done.

For any additional information please contact us at: +40723 84 90 64 / +40728 88 88 89 or e-mail us at: contact@ecoturism-delta-dunarii.ro.

Yours sincerely,