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Invest in 736 hectares - Location: Danube Delta, Romania
Multiple opportunities:




Aquaculture/Fish Farming


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Our company owns an investment in a state of conservation in the Danube Delta – Romania, on an area of 736 hectares (1819 acres), land leased for a period of 45 years ( 2007-2052 ). The investment’s value is estimated at 7.36 million EUR, business that we sell only at half price, at 3.5 million EUR, about 4.800 EUR/hectare. Similar offerts range between 30.000 and 200.000 EUR/hectar, our offert being an exceptional one.

Handing over the investment is made by selling the commercial company wich owns:

1.Concession contract for a period of 45 years, from 2007 to 2052 for a land area of 736 hectares;

2.Property contract for assets on the 736 ha leased land area (hydrotechnical structures):

            a) dikes

                  -14 km lenght

           b) sailing channels longer than 20 km that make access to:

                 -several artificial lakes which are on the 600 hectares of platforms.

3.Property contracts for real estate assets on other land plots adjoining leased land:

            a) 10 wooden cabins (250 sq.m) with reed roof, 95% operational;

             b) 4 buildings (1,200 sq.m) 30% operational;



On the surface of 736 ha can be performed multiple activities in the same time or freestanding: TOURISM with AQUACULTURE or AQUACULTURE with AGRICULTURE ,etc. It is good to know that tourism and aquaculture, along with the protected species, are the most profitable because of the existing invariable assets and exceptional localization of the property.



Tourism is the most profitable oportunity because of the unique area regarding its flora and fauna.

For investors, we propose an investing strategy that includes the construction of a floating houses complex (bungalow) , which is located directly on the dikes, lakes and channels,with a capacity of over 1.000 beds. Each house( bungalow) would include a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, floating fishing terrace and its own boat. This complex would be an unique concept in Europe, due to its size and location in a natural delta.

The houses will be integrated into an all inclusive resort, with beaches, bars, restaurants, playgrounds for children and many more. Considering the size of the complex and its unicity, it is olso necessary logistics organization of transport on land, water, including connections with international airports Henri Coanda and M. Kogalniceanu.

Near the fishponds, on a 5 hectare area, there is a complex of buildings requiring about 10,000 euros improvement:

a) a building with dining room, kitchen, toilets and heating system;

b) 10 wooden cabins (total 250 sqm) with reed roof, with a total capacity of 20 beds;

c) a complex of 4 buildings (total 1200 sqm), which requires complex improvement estimated at 200,000 euros to create 120 accommodation places;

The 5 hectares of land are privately owned by the C.A.Rosetti City Hall and can be purchased by renting or buying with preemption rights.

The 5 hectares of land and the 736 hectares of fish ponds are separated by a central channel that connects Bratul Chilia and the Black Sea coast (Sulina Beach).



For potential investors who are not tourism business experts, we present the steps to be followed for maximum profitability of investment:

1.Making a business plan for all inclusive tourism;

2.Contacting and presenting the business plan to european and international tour operators;

3.Signing of a pre-contract for the promotion of tourist packages with the chosen tour operator;

4.Implementing the business plan;

5. Signing of the contract with the tour operator;

6.Tour operator sends the tourist offer to all partner tourist agencies, so that in the shortest time in thousands of working points will be promoted the tourist offer, both on the websites and in the street showcases, among all the other tourist offers existing;

7.Citizens interested in recreation in natural delta zones will start planning their vacations, paying them instantly.

Note: There are many people / companies with financial potential to develop the building and design of the project, but besides that, a management team with experience in tourism is needed.

If the the above steps are followed, it will reach to a tourist complex reserved in a very large percentage, during the 6 months with mild climate.

The potential revenue resulting from tourist accommodation would be 5.4 million Euro at 50 Euro / bed / night and 10.8 million Euro for 100 Euro / bed / night.

1,000 beds X 180 days / season X 60% occupancy of the complex X 50 Euro / bed = 5.4 million Euro

1,000 beds X 180 days / season X 60% occupancy of the complex X 100 Euro / bed = 10,8 million Euro

Total revenue may be higher due to related activities (such as optional excursions to special tourist destinations, that are unique in Europe, boating on the Danube channels, horse riding, fishing / survival courses, a la carte restaurants, spa and more) .



On the 15 kilometers of channels it can be developed intensive aquaculture activities, such as: the growth of fish species as Carp, Catfish, Pike, Zander, Crucian Carp; Shellfish, Medicinal Leeches, Duck, Geese, Edible Frogs and Crabs. For these we have pumping stations, drainage, electrical installations, 4 fishing boats and a ship (which require major renovations).

On the surface of 7,000,000 square meters and at a volume of 3,300,000 cubic meters of water, large quantities of the species mentioned above can be obtained, which can bring profits of at least 5 million Euros per year.

In parallel, sectors related to animal husbandry and horticulture and reed exploitation can be developed. For these we have pumping stations, drainage, electrical installations, 4 fishing boats and a ship (which require major renovations).

Aquaculture can be developed along with tourism and can be integrated as sport fishing and as fish production for the consumption of tourists.



Another highly profitable activity, which can be performed simultaneously with tourism and aquaculture activities, is the protection of endangered species, an activity funded by various international organizations.

Delta is an area of over 30 species of birds, mammals and fish classified on the international list of endangered species. Professionals could reach millions of dollars / year revenue to which tourism and / or aquaculture revenues may be added.



Grain farming is the least profitable, only a few hundred thousand Euro / year, but cultivating plants with a high potential can reach up to maximum 20,000 Euro income / hectare / year, after the first 5 years (eg. buckthorn).



The area can serve as private property for someone who wants a mansion in a unique place, where privacy and security are guaranteed. We are talking here about different personalities or big companies that want privacy at certain times.

In the fish ponds, the following assets are found:

– Hydro constructions

– Stone and soil dams

– Waterways

– Pumping station

– Concrete platform

– Concrete dams

– Electrical installation

– Sluices

– Concrete pontoon

– Fishing pits

– Suction pipeline

– Floating pontoon

– 1 boat X 4.5m

Each of these are in different stages of conservation



The 736 hectares of fish ponds are located in PERIPRAVA – LETEA FOREST area, Chilia Branch, Danube Delta, Romania.

The transport can be done in several variants from different directions, as follows:

– On Chilia Branch from Tulcea to Periprava

-On Sulina Branch, from Tulcea to Sulina on water + car from Sulina to Periprava

-With the private boat from Tulcea -Sulina-fishponds

– The fishponds have a direct opening to the Chilia Branch and on a 20 km channel to the Black Sea

There is no way to get there by car.

The investment is at a distance of:

-2 km from LETEA FOREST (UNESCO protected natural monument)

-21 km to SULINA BEACH from the BLACK SEA

-116 km to TULCEA (county seat)

-220 km to the International Airport M.Kogalniceanu

To see the exact area on Google Maps, you can access the following link: https://goo.gl/maps/pfAtaYmbATBK35L78

We recommend that you use Google Maps in “Satellite” mode. This way you will see better the surroundings.

We are looking to:

To sell the entire business, with all its assets, at the price of 3.5 million euros (about 0.48 Euro / sqm), through the divestiture of the company that owns the entire investment. The reasons why we want to give up these exceptional assets are due to the lack of funds and experience in the indicated fields.

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